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Planning Engineer - Oil and Gas Industry - Job Details

Specialism: Oil and Gas Industry
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Kuwait
Date Posted: 17/12/2017
Ref #: PE001
Minimum Experience: 10 + Years  

Function and Responsibilities:

a) Prepare action plans using proper computer software provided by the Company and direct/co-ordinate the design and construction activities.

b) Maintain timely preparation of flow lines, header design packages for undisturbed flowlines construction activity in the field.

c) Prepares daily, weekly and monthly report of flowlines, header construction.

d) Check and arrange correction/updating of the drawings and design packages.

e) Co-ordinate with other personnel of the Contractor for issue of materials for construction.

f) Should be able to know, learn and implement Company budgeting system projects and job number allocation.

g) Any other office or field work assigned to him by the Company.

h) Carry our Cost estimate, Scheduling of Work order. Monitor and track design, procurement and construction activities.

i) Prepare and submit reports by using relevant latest software applications as required.

j) Review the 6 monthly Action plan.

k) Re phasing of projects, Cost estimate and preparation of Budget Proposals, Preparation of AFE, Accruals list, Expenditure Status and Plan, etc.

l) Prepare Asset Reports, Monthly Reports of projects, etc.