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QA/QC Engineer - Oil and Gas Industry - Job Details

Specialism: Oil and Gas Industry
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Kuwait
Date Posted: 17/12/2017
Ref #: QACE001
Minimum Experience: 10 + Years  

 Function and Responsibilities:

a) Provide technical experience to QA&QC Site inspection personnel in all matters related to inspection activities and policies on surface mechanical plant and equipment.

b) Develop standardized inspection and testing procedures including acceptance and reject criteria and policies.

c) Prepare inspection programme and schedules including quality manual for Procurement and Site Inspection Works. Review vendors quality plans before submission to Company to ensure that all quality, testing and certifications are included and that involvement of vendor, contractor inspector and Company inspectors are included in the quality plan known also as Inspection and Test Plan.

d) Arrange for and co-ordinate with Company for all matters related to material inspection, welding and welder qualification, NDT of welding coating and wrapping testing, pigging and cleaning, pressure testing of valves and pipelines, disposition of defective or rejected materials, weldments or corrosion protection systems, final certifications, MRB, etc.

e) Investigate, analyses, find and scrutinize field recommendations and issue reports to Company highlighting problems with recommendations for the repair and/or replacement of plant/equipment as necessary.

f) Develop inspection procedures for various NDT methods and techniques including interpretation and approval criteria of such techniques.

g) Interpret radiography and other NDT examinations and provide proper reports on the same for Company inspector review and acceptance. Provide periodical weekly reports on welders performance and production at all working areas including deposition of unacceptable work made by a welder or welding group and the rectification actions to avoid re-occurrences.