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Coating Inspector - Oil and Gas Industry - Job Details

Specialism: Oil and Gas Industry
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Kuwait
Date Posted: 17/12/2017
Ref #: CI001
Minimum Experience: 6 + Years  

 Function and Responsibilities:

a) Knowledge on the effect of surface profile and cleanliness on subsequent coating performance.

b) Understanding of how wind, air and metal temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and surface contaminants affect coating performance.

c) Knowledge of pot life of coatings going to be used.

d) Knowledge for the types of coatings and wrappings with their application used to protect against corrosion in the oil and gas industries.

e) Specializing in the application methods and equipment along with inspection criteria, failure modes, and a comprehensive instrument review.

f) Carrying out, capably, the Inspection of surface preparations done by different techniques.